Author: Yasin Sahhar


Yasin is specialised in Strategic Marketing Management; in particular in customer value, value propositions and the strategic positioning, development and optimisation of value co-creation practices. With his critical qualitative and interpretative approach, he is involved in several consultancy projects. Besides that, Yasin is a PhD researcher (in collaboration with the University of Twente). Within the new and revolutionary Marketing perspective; the “Service-Dominant Logic” he conducts research on how organisations can align value propositions with constantly changing customer needs and how optimal co-creation practices look like to facilitate this.

TNXTO News: Consultancy firm The Next Organization introduces an innovative research program to London-based companies

Combining the latest academic knowledge in marketing with expertise from practitioners in order to develop new knowledge in key marketing concepts. That is what the Value Proposition Research Program (VPRP) is all about. The Next Organization initiated the VPRP to help organisations become more ‘customer centric’. New trends and...

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Promise management marketing: every employee a part-time marketer

In today’s society, business contexts rapidly change in every possible sense. Customer needs change and technologies evolve, which demands that organisations must become more sensible towards their customers. This, however, is not possible in the ‘old-fashioned’ way of marketing, where marketing is seen as sales-supporting activities that end at...

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A deep-dive is necessary to find colourful coral: why qualitative research matters for organisations

In today’s business contexts where technology develops rapidly, organisations mainly focus on obtaining quantitative data. Take the example of the Net Promotor Score (NPS), which gives an indication of customers’ satisfaction and customer loyalty. But does that really tap into the customer’s experience? Organisations heavily adopted this metric as...

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The Paradox of Value Experience and Value Creation: Both a Pitfall and Opportunity for Organisations

It is crucially important for organisations to understand their customers in order to form strong value propositions. These value propositions can be seen as ‘offerings’. Customers are able to create value (known as value-in-use) through using these offerings in their own context. This causes organisations to think about customers’...

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