The Next Organization is a results-driven, internationally-operating organizational consultancy specialising in improving the commercial performance of organizations.

We help company management innovate their marketing and sales activities from the customer perspective. This is achieved by using a well thought out strategy which combines new- and traditional sales channels and implements those within the organization. This helps us realise ‘the next organization’ together.


The continuously changing market circumstances force organizations to orient themselves on the role they play for their clients. Customer behaviour, technological possibilities, trends, they all generate opportunity. From small commercial successes to fundamental changes in business models.

Only those organizations that, in a timely fashion, anticipate and design their processes to facilitate the customer journey will achieve commercial success.

What makes us stand out?

Inspiration through innovation
Looking at opportunities and possibilities of new technologies and changing customer behaviour together; and evaluating the relevance for our clients. It is a source of inspiration that gives us the energy to successfully realise those modifications within any organization.

Power to perform
Improving the commercial performance means realising a growth strategy, improving efficiency, raising revenue and empowering management. That’s what we’ll do, one way or the other. We’d love you to judge us in that regard.

Collaboration with fun
The way we work together is of great importance to us. Our methods and ways will actively involve management. This way, our client and those involved will feel a connection to the endresult. That is how the necessary support base is created.